What Not to Eat With Braces

Eating with braces can be challenging at first. The first day or so, the soreness may push you toward softer foods, but do not despair. You will soon be able to eat more of the things you love. While you will typically resume your normal eating routine within the first week, it is important to know what not to eat with braces before you get started. Below you will see some food types best avoided while you are being treated with braces.

What Not to Eat With Braces

What Not to Eat With Braces

Hard, Crunchy Foods

When figuring out what not to eat with braces, one of the top things on the list is hard, crunchy foods. Your braces are quite strong, but there is the risk of damaging them or breaking the ligatures when you chew on hard foods. On top of that, hard, crunchy foods can easily break apart and become lodged into your braces, where they will remain stuck and be difficult to remove. Some of the foods to avoid in this category are nuts, popcorn, ice, and hard pretzels.

Sticky Foods

Foods that stick to and in-between your teeth are likely to get stuck in your braces as well. Items like caramel and gum can not only become stuck in your braces but will be more difficult and sometimes impossible to remove, leading to decay in the area. Sticky foods also may damage your ligatures if they become stuck to them, and you try to remove them.

Foods With Strong Dyes or Colorants

A less common thing you may think of when considering what not to eat with braces are foods that have strong colorants. Ligatures and ceramic braces can become easily stained when exposed to foods that normally stain your teeth, hands, or even a countertop. Some foods best to avoid include grape juice, berries, and beets.

By knowing what not to eat with braces, you can better avoid damaging them or staining them. It is always important to maintain good dental care with braces no matter what you eat to prevent food buildup that can become trapped and lead to decay. Are you ready to improve your smile and gain more confidence with braces? Roeder Orthodontics can help. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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