Can Braces Fix an Overbite

It is normal for the upper teeth to protrude past the lower teeth slightly. However, when this protrusion is more significant, it is considered an “overbite.” An overbite can cause a variety of problems, including speech issues, breathing difficulties, and more. For this reason, orthodontists are often asked the question: “can braces fix an overbite?”

What causes an overbite?

An overbite may develop for different reasons. In some cases, the problem is simply hereditary and related to the shape of the jaw. In other cases, overbites develop because of thumb sucking, nail-biting, using a pacifier, tongue thrusting, and other habits that can cause the teeth to shift. Once the teeth have shifted, orthodontic treatment may be necessary.

Can braces fix an overbite?

In most cases, braces can be used to correct an overbite successfully. If the overbite is severe, traditional metal or ceramic braces are usually the best choices to correct it. These braces put continuous pressure on the teeth, encouraging them to shift into the proper position over time.

If you have a minor or moderate overbite, you may be able to correct the issue with clear aligners or Invisalign. Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners can be removed when you are eating and drinking. They are also less obvious than traditional braces, however, because they don’t exert as much pressure on the teeth, they may not be the best treatment option for patients who have a severe overbite.

What happens when braces aren’t enough?

Usually, the answer to the question, “can braces fix an overbite?” is yes. However, If you have a severe overbite, you may need surgery to correct the alignment of the bones in your jaw so that your bite is as normal as possible.

So can braces fix an overbite? Most of the time, yes, they can. To learn more about fixing an overbite with braces, schedule an appointment at Roeder Orthodontics today.

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