How Do Metal Braces Work?

How Do Metal Braces Work?

Metal braces are a popular option if you are looking to straighten your teeth and improve your smile all for a reasonable cost. While you may know that metal braces are one of the least costly straightening options you may not understand exactly how they work to straighten your teeth. Check out the Q&A below to help you better understand how metal braces can give you the smile you have always wanted. 

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How Do Metal Braces Move Your Teeth?

Braces work by applying consistent pressure to your teeth over a period of time. As this pressure occurs, your jaw will begin to adapt. It may be hard to picture how teeth, rooted into a jawbone, can move. But what actually roots your teeth into your jaw is a membrane that controls the positioning of your teeth. This membrane can be manipulated to create a new positioning of your teeth allowing them to be spaced better.

What Are Bracket Adhesions?

In metal braces, brackets are typically made from stainless steel. They are applied with glue to the teeth and allow the pressure needed to straightening to be evenly applied to your teeth.

What Are Bands?

Elastic bands, which may be referred to as o-rings will be attached to the brackets and provide the needed pressure to your jaw to move the membranes. 

What Are Spacers?

Spacers can be made of metal rings or rubber bands and will be attached to your molars. They are used to push your jaw forward so you can gain extra space at the back of your mouth for the teeth to adjust. Spacers are not always needed and when they are they may only be used for the first couple of weeks. 

What Are Archwires?

Archwires can be made of stainless steel, Nicole or copper titanium and are used to attach the brackets together. Once attached they help to maintain the pressure on the teeth.

What is a Buccal Tube?

A buccal tube may be attached to one of your molars to anchor the braces together in the back of your mouth. With these in place, your dentist will be able to make adjustments to the tightness of your braces. 

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