Invisalign Before and After: Journey with Clear Aligners

Invisalign Before and After: Journey with Clear Aligners

Are you looking to learn more about Invisalign? At Roeder Orthodontics, we offer these clear and comfortable aligners as an alternative to traditional braces. Not only could you see results in just a few short months, but you’ll love how easy the process is. Here are a few Invisalign before and after questions to consider asking your orthodontist during your first visit.

Invisalign Before and After

When first considering Invisalign clear aligners, it is a good idea to ask a few questions and identify areas where you might have any concerns. Need a few examples?

Well, you can start by asking whether Invisalign is good for crossbite or chipped teeth if this is something you are concerned about. Your orthodontist will definitely be able to give you a good recommendation based on your exact needs and how well the aligners function in these circumstances.

You’ll probably also want to know whether Invisalign is ideal for adults or children. There are many instances where people of all ages are able to enjoy a better smile with comfortable and discreet clear aligners, no matter what their age is.

If you’re wondering about restrictions with Invisalign, you should also ask your orthodontist to explain any potential issues. Generally, clear aligners require far less care than traditional braces, but you’ll still want to be careful to brush your teeth after eating or drinking.

Of course, asking to look at an Invisalign before and after gallery can help give you an idea of the potential for your new smile, too. When you can see what other people with similar dental misalignment conditions have achieved, it can give you a better vision of what’s actually possible with this type of cosmetic dentistry treatment.

When you’re ready, we suggest talking to our team at Roeder Orthodontics with your Invisalign before and after questions. To schedule an appointment, please give us a call at (828) 274-2500.