What are Ceramic Braces?

Nothing lets your personality shine through brighter than by flashing a beautiful smile. Unfortunately, many people are dissatisfied with their smile, due to crooked and overcrowded teeth, and find themselves smiling less than they would like. The good news for those looking for a way to improve their smile is that there are a number of available methods for straightening your teeth, including ceramic braces.

What are Ceramic Braces?

What Are Ceramic Braces?

Even those familiar with traditional braces may find themselves asking the question, what are ceramic braces? Ceramic braces have a design similar to traditional metal braces, though the overall look is significantly more discreet. Instead of metal, they are crafted from ceramic brackets that are designed to look the same color as your teeth. You even have the option to have the wires colored as well so that all the equipment will blend in with your teeth and be less noticeable.

Who Are Ceramic Braces Recommended For?

Now that you know the answer to the questions what are ceramic braces, it is important to understand who can best benefit from them. Ceramic braces are most often recommended for those with minor to moderate misalignment in the teeth. Severe alignment issues will often require traditional braces to correct. Your dentist will discuss with you if ceramic braces are a good option for your specific needs.

How Much do Ceramic Braces Cost?

Ceramic braces can run anywhere between $4,000 to $8,000 in total costs, making them slightly more costly than traditional braces. Much of the cost difference is due to the fact that ceramic braces can require a slightly longer treatment time to obtain the desired results. But it is important to note that cost is not the only difference between metal and ceramic braces. While ceramic braces may come with a number of benefits, they also require more care, such as frequent cleaning to prevent staining.

So what are ceramic braces? They are a way to straighten teeth more discreetly so you can achieve the smile you want without the hassles that can come with traditional metal braces. Ready to find the most effective way to provide you with the smile you have always wanted? Contact Roeder Orthodontics today to schedule your consultation.

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